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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Educational Institution with Learnium and Witness the Power of Streamlined Administration, Enhanced Collaboration, and Unparalleled Student Success.

Learnium AI Powering Education

All the tools you need to
run your school with ease

Our dynamic platform is designed to elevate the learning experience, enabling educators and decision-makers to enhance the educational journey for students across diverse communities.


Save time and cost, increase the efficiency
of managing your school processes

Get rid of papers and manual reporting, Learnium helps you automate your day-to-day activities effortlessly from anywhere in the world.

Learnium AI Student Information System

Student Information System

Efficiently manage student data, attendance, grades, and progress reports with ease.

Store student's data and have easy access to it on the goal.
Store all student's academic performance data including attendance.
Students' results are recorded and stored for life and can be generated anytime.
Learnium AI Administration and Financials

Administration and Financials

Streamline fee collection, track expenses, and generate financial reports for better financial management.

Streamline fee collection processes.
Generate comprehensive financial reports for enhanced financial management
Monitor enrollment, admissions, reporting, teacher information, and performance.
Learnium AI Communication and Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration

Effortless communication and seamless collaboration: connect, schedule, and stay informed with our integrated messaging and notification system.

Send messages to parents, teachers, or students, all at once.
Schedule meetings & send automated notifications to parents, teachers, or students.
All contacts including emergency contact are stored for you.


Applicable to schools of all types

Learnium is designed to cater to the diverse needs of educational institutions, regardless of their type.

K-12 Schools

Learnium is specifically designed to serve K-12 schools, covering all grade levels from kindergarten to high school.

Tertiary Schools

Learnium can be customised to meet the requirements of Tertiary schools that follow the Tertiary educational approach.

Summer Schools

Learnium can effectively serve the needs of summer schools by providing tailored features and functionalities.

Government Schools

Learnium can cater to the administrative needs of government-funded schools that offer education to students in a specific district or region.

Vocational Schools

You can effectively manage the unique requirements of vocational schools that focus on providing practical skills and training in specific industries or trades.

Faith-based Schools

It is suitable for schools affiliated with religious institutions, accommodating the specific needs and practices of such schools.


An Enhanced Learning Experience.

Our suite of products supports personalized learning for students and provides educators with essential tools for efficient administrative management and access to credit resources.

Learnium OS



Learnium AI Learnium OS

Learnium OS

From student enrollment to attendance tracking, timetable management, financial management, report generation, and many more; Learnium helps handle all essential everyday school work effortlessly and effectively. No technical knowledge is required.


Benefits of Learnium AI

Empowering Educators for Excellence

Effortless administration, enhanced collaboration, and personalised student success converge with streamlined resource management, data-driven decision-making, and robust parental engagement

Parental Engagement

Keep parents actively involved in their child's education journey.

Parental Engagement

Streamlined Administration

Say goodbye to administrative hassles. Attendance tracking, grading, and scheduling.

Streamlined Administration

Unparalled Student Success

Empower your students with personalized learning experiences.

Unparalled Student Success